R&D Center
R&D Center
Since the establishment of R&D department, we have been on an endless pursuit for technology advancement. From the development of our polymer materials and advanced thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), we have expanded our horizons to create world leading technologies including: Non-HFFR and non-toxic flame retardant polyolefin resins for cable compounds, and semi-non-combustible composite panels for construction and the transportation industry. We will continuously challenge ourselves to keep broadening our expertise while providing the highest quality products possible to our ever-growing customers base.
On an endless pursuit of discovery, our R&D team is always looking ahead for the next development to promote constant growth for the company.

Our R&D team prides itself on awareness of the most advanced technologies.
As our products reach more and more markets overseas, the R&D’s skills and technology are now recognized globally as our products reach an increasing number of overseas markets.

Wire & Cable Jacket - Halogen free flame retardant compound

Low-density and low-toxicity flame-retardant polyolefin compounds for ECO cable sheath
Low-toxicity and highly flame-retardant TPU compounds for FTTH
High voltage cable sheath compound
22.9k TR CNCE, FR CNCO jacket compound
Crosslinkable HFFR Insulation & sheathingcompound (Silane, peroxide, radiation type)
Polyolefin-g-MAH coupling materials (adhesive resin)
Highly heat-resistant EPDM compounds for automobile's radiator hose (undertaking the technology innovation project sponsored by the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea from April 1,2004 to March 31, 2005)
SEBS / PP thermoplastic elastomer (possessing the reactive extrusion technology of TPV)
Matte package film compound

Rubber compounds for mold cleaning

(1) Standard grade(B-EMC & W-EMC) → JX300, JX350S
(2) Low Fume/Odor → JS7000
(3) Up-grade cleaning performance → UC2200

Rubber compounds for mold wax coating

(1) Standard grade(B-EMC & W-EMC) → WS8100
(2) Low Fume/Odor → WS7600
(3) High-filling properties (Deep package & high-pressure) → WS8400

Aluminum composite panel

Low-toxicity and low-smoke producing non-combustible materials for aluminum composite panel (B1 grade)
Low-toxcity and low-smoke producing non-combustible materials for aluminum composite panel (A2 grade)
Galvanized Iron Composite panel