UNIREX is a composite panel with high strength metal or aluminum bonded to the top and base of HDPE core, which boasts superior excellent properties.
UNIREX is excellent for use as an interior and exterior materials for trailers, as well as cladding in buildings.

Trailer & Automotive Parts

Trailer, Automotive parts, Body, Fender, etc.

Exterior Materials & Office Building Interior

Steel house, Light weight steel duct, Sound proof wall, Signboard, Building exterior, etc.

Features of Unirex
Standard Specifications
General RMP or PVDF Coating
Core 25% Foamed HDPE(High-density Polyethylene) Plastic Density 0.7
Panel Thickness 2.5mm ~ 13mm
Skin Thickness 0.3mm ~ 0.5mm
Widths 1020mm ~ 1575mm
Length Max 5500mm